Your Escape to Elegance and Bliss

Beyond Hospitaliy, a Symphony of Luxury Awaits

A Symphony of Luxury and Nature

In Dullstroom's Peaceful Sanctuary

Welcome to Dunkeld East Hotel, where luxury and the raw beauty of nature unite in exquisite harmony. Set against a placid lake backdrop, our hotel invites you to indulge in unrivaled luxury amidst an aura of soothing calm. Every gentle wave and breathtaking view paint a setting that entices and rejuvenates.

Whether breaking away from the city’s pace or in search of an idyllic escape, our distinguished abode promises more than just a stay—it’s an unforgettable voyage. Venture into a world where refined elegance melds effortlessly with nature, offering a retreat thoughtfully crafted to uplift and enchant your spirit.


Luxury Room

Superior Room



A Feast for Senses

Venture into a culinary exploration by the serene lakeside, where expertise meets artistic finesse. Committed to a farm-to-table philosophy, we craft dishes using the finest local ingredients, reflecting the true essence of our region. Sourced at their pinnacle of freshness, each serving narrates the rich tapestry of local terroir and skilled craftsmanship, delighting the palate with an array of sophisticated flavors and aromas.

Lakeside Sophistication: Our waterfront dining transcends the ordinary—it’s a curated experience. As evening approaches, the lake mirrors the gentle luminescence of the setting sun, creating a refined ambiance for your dining pleasure. Accompanied by the subtle cadence of nature and understated conversations, our elegant setting accentuates the nuances of each dish. Whether for a leisurely afternoon repast or a candlelit soiree, our venue enhances the culinary journey, transforming each occasion into a moment of distinction.


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